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Fly Now Pay Later Flights With emirates :


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Emirates :


Firstly emirates is the flag carrier of united Arab emirates and its owned by government of Dubai and its subsidiary of the emirates group. Furthermore Its operating around 3600 flights per week from Dubai international airport. Emirates has nearly fleet of 300 aircraft’s that operates to more than 150 cities in 80 countries across six continents. 

Hence airline claims that its aircraft’s emits lower emissions than other airlines approximately around less than four liters for every 100 passenger its flies. 

In past it has collaborated with other airlines but currently its not a member of three global major airline alliance one world sky team or star alliance. 


Emirates First Class :




First Class seating comes up with two types seating’s a private suites that close but don’t extend to ceilings the other one is fully enclosed suite with full privacy. Suites comes up with mini bar ,a coat rack and a storage compartment plus with closing doors for passengers privacy. Both suites features LCD screens but they do differ in size 32 inch screen is available in enclosed suite and 23 inch in private suites. Seats can easily be converted into fully flat bed which measure around 2 meter long. Airbus A380-800 features privates suites with two shower equipped lavatories and spa. 

Emirates Business Class :




Passengers will get amenities like  privacy partition ,winged headrest with six way movement in-seat power supply USB ports, overhead light per seat. Laptop charging socket ,23 inch wide screen with around 600 TV channels and massage function is also included. Boeing 777-300ERs and  Boeing 777-200LRs features seats 60 inch long seats that reclines to 79 inch to give passengers comfort to rest on angled lie flat beds.  


Premium Economy Class :


Premium Economy class seats are only available in A380 aircraft’s. Boeing 777-300ERs will also be fitted with premium economy class seats. Recaro PL3530 seats will be equipped on premium economy class announced in 2020 by emirates Ceo.


Economy Class :


Emirates airbus aircraft’s features 79-81 cm long seat pitch and on Boeing aircraft standard pitch is around 86 cm. Seats features 3000 entertainment channels ,laptop charging outlets and adjustable headrest.